Silver Fang

Silver Fang Slot Game

With its very good soundtrack and audio quality, incredibly effective graphics and animations, Bonus free spins rounds and Gamble game, the Silver Fang video slot game is certainly one worth playing. Since it is developed and produced by Microgaming, players can rest assured that this game is expertly crafted and combines top quality features and an easy-to-understand user interface. However, this particular video slot game does not have very impressive payouts and, aside from the fact that the Wild symbol does not act as a multiplier, there is also no progressive jackpot, either. Of course, many hugely popular online casino slot games have similar disadvantages and yet continue to enjoy a following. That is because of the features that are offered as these make up for any possible shortcomings, and the Silver Fang online casino slot game is no different in this regard.

The chilling theme of this video slot game is achieved thanks to its wide use of white since it is set in a snow-covered winter land. Nevertheless, prospective players should not make the mistake of assuming that the lack of vibrant colors must therefore make for a rather dull and uninteresting game with little aesthetic appeal, because nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Silver Fang has some of the best graphics when it comes to online video slot games. The Wild symbol is a wolf that howls to the night moon. His paw print in the snow is the game’s Scatter symbol. Aside from the theme-related symbols, all of which are animated, there are also animated playing cards that look like ice sculptures. The audio and soundtrack are rather impressive as well, not least of all the baying of the wolf.

What makes Silver Fang very appealing to many online slot game enthusiasts is the fact that there are no fewer than 50 paylines. As most players already know, the more paylines there are, the more chances there are of winning. Players can wager up to 10 coins on each payline they enable with a maximum bet of 25 credits. The maximum payout for this slot game is 125,000 credits. For players that prefer not to have to set their betting preferences at the start of each and every spin, there is the “maximum bet” option. This allows players to simply click a button and the game automatically wagers 10 coins on each of the 50 paylines and then spins the reels without the player having to click the “spin” button themselves.

The Wild symbol is the wolf and, like most online slot games, the Wild symbol does not act as a multiplier, nor does it substitute for the Scatter symbol in order to complete winning combinations. When the Wild symbol appears on the reels during the Bonus feature it is stacked. The Scatter symbol in the White Fang video slot game is the wolf’s paw print and three or more of these are required in order for players to receive a Scatter payout. Scatter payouts get multiplied by the original total wagered amount. If five Scatter symbols turn up on the reels, players receive 50 coins. Three or more of them will automatically launch the Bonus feature where players are awarded free spins.

The Bonus feature provides the player with 15 free spins as well as a multiplier that will multiply payouts five times. It is worthwhile mentioning that the free spins Bonus round can be re-triggered during play but there is no additional Bonus given during free spins. Although there is no progressive jackpot, players can look forward to the Gamble feature that has a limit. Nevertheless, players have the opportunity to double their winnings or even quadruple them. Since this is a Gamble feature, the amount wagered by the player can be lost, of course.

Safari Heat

Safari Heat Slot Game

Embark of a jungle safari with the very attractive and hugely popular Safari Heat online casino slot game from Playtech. This slot games software developer has introduced a range of video slot games of which Safari Heat is one. What makes this game a winner with so many video slot players is the fact that there are great opportunities for players to win. This is thanks to the fact that there are five reels and fifteen paylines.

The game offers substantial winning payouts which make it ideal for both low rollers and high rollers alike. It also serves to ensure that it is an attractive alternative for many more players. Furthermore, slot players that are playing on a limited budget can enjoy the fun and excitement of online casino slot game playing with Safari Heat thanks to the fact that there is a minimum wager of just $0,01.

Although the Safari Heat online casino slot game has not been around for as long as some other slot games, it nevertheless already has a large following because of the fact that it has a low minimum bet. Aside from that, it also provides plenty of opportunity for winning combinations to result from spins of the reels. The Safari Heat online video slot game boasts interesting and attractive graphics along with a rather pleasant soundtrack. Also, the animation of the symbols is well constructed and executed very nicely, which all combines to make it a visually pleasing game to play.

What is more, the game offers the usual Wild symbol and Scatter symbol that is found in most online video slot games, but unlike many others, it also offers a Free Spins Bonus round as well. Naturally this further enhances the opportunities for greater payouts and therefore the games appeal. Another useful feature is the auto-play feature that players can make use of. This means that they can continue to play the game even when they are not physically interacting with the software.

A lot of online casinos actually offer a free version of Safari Heat for people to sample. It goes without saying that the free version means that players cannot actually access any of the winnings they get. Therefore, to really get everything that the game has to offer, players need to play the game for real cash. Coin sizes range from as little as $0,01 to $5. Players have the option to choose how much to wager on each of the paylines that they choose to enable. The maximum bet available is 75 coins but the most that can be wagered for a spin is $375.

Since Safari Heat is based on a jungle safari, the symbols include animals such as an elephant, a rhinoceros, a lion, and so on, as well as playing cards. Each symbol offers its own payout. Payouts are triggered when there are three or more of the symbols on any of the reels. The Wild symbol is the Lion and when it turns up on an enabled payline, it acts as a substitute to complete winning combos. It must be noted, however, that the Wild Lion symbol does not multiply winnings.

Only one payout is given for each spin of the reels. This holds true even if there are a number of enabled paylines with winning combos, as only the highest payout is given. Some players are deterred by this, however the other features of the game help to compensate for it and winning potential is still significant thanks to the fact that the game offers substantial Scatter multipliers and Free Spins Bonus rounds as well. The Scatter Tree symbol can show up on any of the enabled paylines and on any reel. When the Scatter Tree symbol appears on the reels it also triggers the Bonus Free Spins round. The player then receives fifteen free spins that will double any winning combination payouts.

Sea Captain

Sea Captain Slot Game

Sea Captain is produced by a software games developer called Real Time Gaming and is by far one of their most popular games and certainly not without good reason. This online casino slot game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Thanks to the fact that there is a very favorable coin range, lots of features to enjoy, generous free spins awards, an attractive, pleasing soundtrack, as well as a well-constructed theme and symbols, Sea Captain is a great, solid slot game to play. The only possible disadvantages are that there is no multiplier symbol in the game and there is no progressive jackpot. However, aside from that, there really is nothing to warrant giving this video slot game a miss and it is sure to keep players coming back for more.

Players can wager a maximum of one coin per activated payline which suits players no matter where they fall on the betting spectrum, whether low, mid, or high rollers, thereby ensuring that this game is likely to appeal to a much wider audience than some others. As might be expected given the title, the Sea Captain video slot game follows an oceanic and fishing theme and boasts attractive symbols and a pleasant soundtrack. An auto-play feature is also provided for those that have other things to do but still want to play the game even when they cannot be available to interact with the software. The interface is use-friendly and it is a fast-paced game with lots of fun, great winning opportunities and excitement.

The Wild symbol in the game is the Squid with its amusing animation. It appears on both the second and the fourth reels. When the Wild Squid turns up on the reels along with the Ship symbol, players can win an impressive 10,000 coin jackpot. However, this is not the only available jackpot offered in the Sea Captain video slot game, because there is a second jackpot. This second jackpot is triggered by the Lighthouse symbol. When it appears in conjunction with the Wild symbol, the jackpot is 5,000 coins. Furthermore, the Wild symbol also acts as a substitute to complete winning combinations. But this is not all, because when this occurs, the payout is doubled.

The Scatter symbol is the Sea Captain himself and this symbol can award players with a lot of free spins. In fact, seven free spins are awarded whenever the Sea Captain appears three to five times on the reels. What is more is that any payouts won during free spins are automatically tripled. A very handy and advantageous fact about the free spins is that if, while playing the free spins Bonus round, the Sea Captain should make an appearance on the reels again, players are awarded even more free spins. Players should also note that there is no limit to how many free spins they can win when the Sea Captain appears in the free spins Bonus round. All in all, this means that players can win as many as 30,000 coins from free spins alone, which makes this a very generous feature indeed.

The animation and graphics are beautiful and colorful which simply further help to ensure the game’s appeal. The Sea Captain himself is resplendent in his typically nautical attire with his beard and bubble-blowing pipe. In fact, it is not just the Sea Captain’s pipe that is a particularly charming animation. The squid symbol also boasts an entertaining animation.

The other regular symbols are not animated but are nonetheless very attractive and help to ensure that this video casino slot game is very aesthetically pleasing and hugely entertaining as well. With its great winning potential, limitless free spin Bonus round, excellent graphics and generous Scatter symbol, Sea Captain is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable and rewarding video slot game out there and definitely one worth trying.

Mystic Dragon

Mystic Dreams Slot Game

People that love the medieval theme and dragon adventures will quickly fall in love with Mystic Dragon. The slot game features a big number of favorite characters like knights, princesses, and dragons. It is a fast-paced game that has simple rules and great animations.

Are you eager to start your medieval adventure and test your luck? The following review will acquaint you with the most important rules and characteristics of Mystic Dragon.

Game Overview
Every element will immerse you in the medieval atmosphere of the game. Fire breathing dragons and erupting volcanoes mark the beginning of this fairytale adventure. The background music and additional sounds create the perfect ambience. Mystic Dragon has numerous customization options. The auto play function is a great addition, giving the player some more flexibility. If you want to relax and just observe this online slot game, you will simply need to turn auto play on and sit back.

Enjoy the fun gambling experience of the five reels and 25 paylines of Mystic Dragon. Players have to choose coin sized before making bets. The game has a huge variety of coin denominations. There are 15 possibilities to choose among and these range in size from 0.01 to five. All 25 paylines are available for bets without any restrictions. All winning combinations are paid from left to right on active paylines. The winning direction is not available solely for the Volcano payouts.

How to Play Mystic Dragon
The dragon and the volcano are the two most important symbols in this game. The first one is the wild symbol, while the volcano plays the role of the scatter symbol.

The dragon can substitute the other symbols, except for the scatter symbol, in order to complete a winning combination. The wild symbol is a multiplier – when you have a winning combination, the symbol doubles it. The second, third and fourth reels are the only places where the dragon symbol will appear. This symbol makes the game really rewarding – if you have enough luck to get three wild symbols in a winning combination, your bet will be multiplied by eight.

As already mentioned, the volcano is the scatter symbol. If this symbol appears anywhere on the reels, you win. Having three or more of the volcano symbols starts the free spins mode. The winning amount will be increased two times during the free spin round. Another bonus spins can be activated during the first free spin, if you get an addition set of scatter symbols. If you’re really lucky, you can get up to 1,000 free spins in Mystic Dragon.

The other Mystic Dragon symbols bring good payouts, as well. The Knight symbol in a combination with three wild symbols can produce winnings of up to 20,000 coins. Players can win from 1,500 to 12,000 coins, if they have the Princess symbol and three wild symbols in a winning combination.

Mystic Dragon provides a lot of betting flexibility, which is great for beginners and for more experienced players. This game comes with a lot of variety and with great payouts, as well. All of these features make Mystic Dragon worth the try.

Mystic Dragon Main Advantages
Apart from numerous winning options, Mystic Dragon is characterized by a range of additional great features:

  • Progressive jackpot
  • Free spin
  • Auto play functionality
  • Excellent animations and sound

A Few Shortcomings
The game is mostly great, it has just a few minor shortcomings:

  • For most symbol combinations, there is a winning direction (from left to right)

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday Slot Game

As the name indicates, the Summer Holiday is a video slot game based on a summer holiday. This is a relatively new game launched by Microgaming and boasts of 5 reels and 100 pay-lines. As only two slot games worldwide feature 100 pay lines, this is indeed a special feature of this slot game.

These 100 pay lines greatly increases your chances of making winning combinations and is a main reason for the increased popularity of the game in such a short time. This is why many casinos supporting Microgaming software now feature Summer Holiday on their list of games.

The beautiful combination of amazing graphics, sounds and animation in the game help you relive your favorite summer holidays with picnics and swimming pools. These effects are enhanced by its 3D symbols. Both the animation and soundtrack of the game is based on a summer day out theme with glitch-free and smooth graphics and animation.


There are altogether 12 symbols in the game, divided into 3 groups based on the payouts they yield. The first group comprises of two Summer Holiday Jackpot symbols; the Summer Holiday symbol and Duck symbol which offer the highest payouts.

These 5 Medium payout symbols constitute the second group- Boating Couple, Girl and baby on cycle, Fishing Couple, Two dogs and Swimming children. The last group of five low payout symbols comprise of Cheese and Crackers, Pretzels, Water and beverages, Fruits and Cold Cuts symbols.

Wild symbol

The duck is the wild symbol which helps maximize your winnings. Any spin of 3, 4 or 5 duck symbols not only triggers free spins and a 3x multiplier bonus but can also be used for completing a winning combination by substituting other symbols.

On completing your Summer Holiday free spins, you can choose amongst a prize, another round of free spins or win a mystery prize of a bet multiplier anywhere between 10x and 100x.

The Summer Holiday stacked wild symbol is another special symbol. It can be used to substitute any symbol to help you form a winning combination. You can thus complete pay-lines and win more cash.  The symbol can appear on an entire reel and is featured in every spin.

Coin denominations

Summer Holiday however offers limited coin denomination variations from $0.01 to $0.05. The maximum bet that can be placed is one coin per pay line, making the maximum bet only $5 per spin. All this proves that this game is a low roller slot game.

However Summer Holiday offers massive jackpots and despite the low bet amount per spin, the prize money potential of the game is very high. You can also adjust the speed of the game as per your preference and convenience.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most obvious advantage of Summer Holiday is its incredible jackpot and 100 pay-lines. Many people agree that its summer theme is rather enthralling and well executed. Special mention should also be given to its other advantage of free spin bonuses and pick a prize feature.

Despite these great advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with Summer Holiday. One disadvantage is that it has no scatter symbol and another, that it does not have a bonus round on second screen. Its poor choice of coin denominations is also considered a disadvantage by many.