Safari Heat

Embark of a jungle safari with the very attractive and hugely popular Safari Heat online casino slot game from Playtech. This slot games software developer has introduced a range of video slot games of which Safari Heat is one. What makes this game a winner with so many video slot players is the fact that there are great opportunities for players to win. This is thanks to the fact that there are five reels and fifteen paylines.

The game offers substantial winning payouts which make it ideal for both low rollers and high rollers alike. It also serves to ensure that it is an attractive alternative for many more players. Furthermore, slot players that are playing on a limited budget can enjoy the fun and excitement of online casino slot game playing with Safari Heat thanks to the fact that there is a minimum wager of just $0,01.

Although the Safari Heat online casino slot game has not been around for as long as some other slot games, it nevertheless already has a large following because of the fact that it has a low minimum bet. Aside from that, it also provides plenty of opportunity for winning combinations to result from spins of the reels. The Safari Heat online video slot game boasts interesting and attractive graphics along with a rather pleasant soundtrack. Also, the animation of the symbols is well constructed and executed very nicely, which all combines to make it a visually pleasing game to play.

What is more, the game offers the usual Wild symbol and Scatter symbol that is found in most online video slot games, but unlike many others, it also offers a Free Spins Bonus round as well. Naturally this further enhances the opportunities for greater payouts and therefore the games appeal. Another useful feature is the auto-play feature that players can make use of. This means that they can continue to play the game even when they are not physically interacting with the software.

A lot of online casinos actually offer a free version of Safari Heat for people to sample. It goes without saying that the free version means that players cannot actually access any of the winnings they get. Therefore, to really get everything that the game has to offer, players need to play the game for real cash. Coin sizes range from as little as $0,01 to $5. Players have the option to choose how much to wager on each of the paylines that they choose to enable. The maximum bet available is 75 coins but the most that can be wagered for a spin is $375.

Since Safari Heat is based on a jungle safari, the symbols include animals such as an elephant, a rhinoceros, a lion, and so on, as well as playing cards. Each symbol offers its own payout. Payouts are triggered when there are three or more of the symbols on any of the reels. The Wild symbol is the Lion and when it turns up on an enabled payline, it acts as a substitute to complete winning combos. It must be noted, however, that the Wild Lion symbol does not multiply winnings.

Only one payout is given for each spin of the reels. This holds true even if there are a number of enabled paylines with winning combos, as only the highest payout is given. Some players are deterred by this, however the other features of the game help to compensate for it and winning potential is still significant thanks to the fact that the game offers substantial Scatter multipliers and Free Spins Bonus rounds as well. The Scatter Tree symbol can show up on any of the enabled paylines and on any reel. When the Scatter Tree symbol appears on the reels it also triggers the Bonus Free Spins round. The player then receives fifteen free spins that will double any winning combination payouts.