Lumber Cats

Lumber Cats Slot Game

Cats and trees are always a perfect combination. Even so, the outcome is a gamble. The cat may find safety and fulfillment in a tree, but at the same time, it can also become stuck somewhere up in the high branches. If you’re a gambling person and a cat lover at the same time, why don’t you try this slot game for a change?

If all you want is the experience of winning jackpots and bonuses, then this can be your ticket to a profitable future. Canadian players are recommended to look at for more information about the best online casinos to play this game.

Hot and Not

Lumber Cats is known as a gamble game. Its bonus game appears on its second screen and it has a large fixed jackpot. Every time you get a re-pin, you get more wild symbols. Lumber Cats is a game for gamblers, especially of all you’re after is the prize.

If you want a game with elaborate effects, sounds, and animation, Lumber Cats is not for you. Its audio and animations are below average. The only pleasing animation in this game is when the trees sway with the wind and then birds suddenly fly out. It does not have a progressive jackpot.

The Features

Below are some of Lumber Cat’s features:

  1. Coin sizes. In Lumber Cats, the coin sizes available are 0.25, 0.20, 0.10, 0.05, 0.02, and 0.01. You can bet up to 10 coins for every pay line. A maximum of 20 paylines can be activated for every spin. This game enables your parameters to decrease or increase, so you don’t have to go through the cycle anymore.
  2. Tree feature. This is when the bonus game appears on its second screen. This comes up when at least three Tree symbols appear on your reels. You have to choose one cat from the given three. Then, bonus points are awarded to you based on your chosen cat’s position during the tree-climbing race. The triggering bet multiplies the bonus amount. The Log Roll feature can trigger the Tree Feature during the game.
  3. Log Roll feature. This is also known as a re-spins feature. This comes up when the log symbol appears on reels 5 and 1 at the same time, while the Lumber Cat symbol appears on reel 3. You can be awarded five re-spins. Log symbols transform into Lumber Cat wilds. When this happens, you can get huge payments.
  4. Gamble feature. This is activated voluntarily, each time you win. You get the chance to multiply your winnings. You have the opportunity to choose the right color. You win if you make the right guess. If you want to choose the right suit, you get the chance to increase your winnings, four times.
  5. Fixed jackpots. Lumber Cats give you high fixed jackpots. You get 6,000 coins and 4,000 coins in the first two jackpots. This attracts more risk takers.
  6. High quality software. Microgaming is known as the leader in online casino game design. You can be sure that Lumber Cats runs smoothly whenever you play it. You can easily disable or enable the sounds as well.
  7. User-friendly. Lumber Cats is not complicated at all. It has simple rules, which are easy to understand. Even if there are help files available, you don’t have to open them anymore.
  8. Comic theme. This slot game involves a family of lumber cats, engaged in lumbering activities. The theme shows appropriately all throughout the game—in reels, backgrounds, and symbols.
  9. High jackpots. It is true that Lumber Cats does not have progressive jackpots. Any other slot game without this feature encounters a drawback, but not Lumber Cats. There are handsome payouts in the fixed jackpots. A payout 6,000 coins is the highest fixed jackpot, you can win. If bet maximum, you can get 15,000 credits.

Play Lumber Cats and win huge prizes! This goes to show that you do not need elaborate animation and sound, just to end up with the jackpot!

Jewels of the Orient

Jewels of the Orient Slot Game

This slot game offers the player a true oriental experience. With five oriental ladies in traditional costumes taking place on the reels there is no question you are going to be immersed in the orient. In the background you can see monuments from each’s respective countries. There is also a treasure chest and a treasure pot sporting oriental motifs. The scatter symbol in the game is a Japanese palace complete with cherry trees. The wild symbol in the game is the games logo. The rays of light that shine down on the different monuments in the background tie together this very well developed theme.

The background music is traditional oriental music that fits nicely. The animations in this game are fantastic as well. Every symbol in the game becomes animated when it is included in a winning combination. This offers plenty of excitement and action on the reels, particularly when multiple paylines have winning combinations.

The ladies in the game come alive and look side to side, meanwhile the background lights up. The treasure chest opens and scatters it loot across the screen. The logo then changes to “wild” and bursts into firecrackers.

The coin denomination in the game ranges from .01-.25 at varying intervals. Players can wager a maximum of twenty coins per payline. This makes the maximum bet per line 5.00 making the max wager across all lines 45.00 per spin. This peaks the interest of the high rollers well still offering accessibility to the lower rollers on the site. It is important to note that this game only has nine paylines; this means winning combinations happen with less frequency than other games.

The Jewels of the Orient serves as the wild symbol in the game. This wild symbol does not multiply payouts however. It does however offer the highest jackpot of 2500 coins. The next highest payout is 800 coins paid out when five ladies appear on the same enabled line. When three or more scatter symbols appear they trigger a combined bonus game on the second screen and the free spin round. Three or more scatters offer between ten and fifteen free spins. The multiplier for this round will be between double and five times the normal payout. When four or more scatter symbols appear it offers between fifteen and twenty free spins. With a multiplier between one and five times the normal and a bonus payout between twenty and one hundred times the normal. Five scatters offer twenty to forty free spins with a bonus payout between fifty and one hundred-twenty times the normal amount.

The exact parameters of the bonus game are decided before you play the free spin rounds. Three sets of men dressed in oriental style present boxes on trays; you choose one box from each set. This reveals the values within the specific ranges described above. Additional bonus rounds cannot be triggered in the free spin round.


  • Auto Play
  • BET MAX button
  • Combined free spin and bonus game
  • Elegant graphics
  • Animation of all symbols


  • Sub-par audio
  • No progressive jackpot
  • No multiplier with wild symbols

Scoop the Cash

Scoop the Cash Slot Game

Players of video slot games are after the money during the jackpot and bonus rounds – and this is true for players of Scoop the Cash. Developed by Microgaming, Scoop the Cash is a wealth-themed video slot game that high and low rollers both love to play. The symbols used in the game are the status symbols for modern-day wealth.

Players can enjoy the game in several online casinos with varying bonus amounts. These include Platinum Play ($1,500), 7 Sultans ($1,000), and Royal Vegas ($1,200), among others.

Software Used

With Microgaming software in place, Scoop of Cash provides several benefits for players in terms of game experience. These benefits include:

• Quick responsiveness to user commands (i.e., no freezing of the game)

• Customization options for speed, sound and screen

• Auto Play

• Max Bet

Animation Quality

One of the strengths of Microgaming software is the highly satisfactory, if not excellent, animation quality for its games – and Scoop the Cash is no exception. The symbols are drawn with high attention to detail, thus, resulting in sharp and vivid graphics, which capture players’ attention even from among several slot games. These also become animated when winning combinations are made.

The sound is just as excellent. The background music has a lively feel to it, which increases when winning combos are made, as well as synchronizes with the animation.

Betting Options

Players can manipulate all three betting options, namely, the coin denomination, number of coins per payline, and number of paylines. The coin size range is 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10 and 0.20 while the paylines are 25 total. The total bet then ranges from $0.01 to $50.00 – truly, a good range for low rollers but perhaps not so for high rollers.

Each of the 25 paylines can be adjusted by operating the +/- buttons on the screen. The Bet Max button can be activated to select the maximum allowable amount of coins for any chosen size in all paylines.

Jackpots and Bonuses

While the absence of a progressive jackpot will turn off many experienced high rollers, the satisfactory amounts of jackpot and bonus prizes may likely encourage them to play, nonetheless. The jackpot and bonus system can be summarized as follows:

• Bonus round occurs when the Dice symbol simultaneously appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 but only when all 25 paylines are enabled. Lucky players are given 2-4 rolls in a set of three dice.

Winning in the bonus round is possible in three ways, namely: first, getting a sum of each dice roll according to the payout table; second, totals rolled are of the same color with payouts of 20 times the total wager; and third, roll all three of a kind with payouts of 100 times the total wager.

• Free spins bonus round is triggered when three scatter symbols (safe) appear in any order on the reels. Three scatter symbols equal 10 free spins plus a bonus 5 times the total wager, for example. Both the bonus round and the additional free spins may be retriggered although only during the free spins.

• Fixed jackpot of 5,000 coins when 5 symbols appear on an enabled payline. If 5 wild symbols appear in any position, the payout is 250 times the total wager. The second jackpot has a 1,500-coin payout.

What’s Hot and Not So Hot

Scoop the Cash has the following hot things going for it:

• Wild symbols provide for scatter payouts

• Large first fixed jackpot

• Bonus feature and free spins round

Since there is no progressive jackpot and the wild symbol is not a multiplier, high rollers may think twice about playing the game.

Mayan Queen

Mayan Queen Slot Game

Inspired by the wealth of the Mayan civilization and its incredible culture, this slot game is a visual feast that will also enable you to win a wonderful jackpot. Mayan Queen is a slot game that features beautiful and ornate Mayan symbols. The game is challenging and offers various opportunities and a high fixed jackpot that both experienced players and newbies can win.

Interested in giving Mayan Queen a try? The following review will acquaint you with the most important game rules.

Game Overview

The Mayan Queen is the main character and the most important symbol in this game. The Emerald is another symbol to be looking for. Mayan Queen features several other important symbols that are associated to earning – the Mayan Pyramid, Bracelet, Idol, Treasure, Snake, Urn, Dagger, Cheetah and the Portrait. These symbols are less important than the queen and the emerald and they bring smaller earnings.

Mayan Queen is a one reel and 25 payline slot game. Convenient up and down arrows are available for players to choose the number of paylines that they want to use. The signs are located next to the Lines button. The Coins denominations vary from 0.01 to 5.00.

There is a second set of up and down buttons located next to the Bet button. These can be used to adjust the amount and the coin denomination that a player wants to use. A player can bet only one coin per payline. The denomination is the only changeable option,

How to Play

The Mayan Queen is the wild symbol and it appears only on the third reel. This is an expanding wild symbol that covers all rows of the third reel. Players will see the figure of the queen getting bigger and bigger on the screen, until it reaches full size. Unfortunately, the appearance of the queen is the only animated portion of the game. The expanded wild symbol acts also as a scatter symbol. While the Mayan Queen symbol doubles all payouts and acts as a multiplier, line payouts are not available.

The Emerald represents the scatter symbol. Having two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reel gives the player access to the scatter payout. Five scatter symbols deliver earnings of 500 coins multiplied by the total bet.

The free spin round is activated if thee or more Emerald symbols appear simultaneously. During the free round, the background changes from day to night. The Mayan Queen appears again as an expanded symbol that covers the third reel and doubles the payouts. Six spins are available in the free round and they can be retriggered.

Mayan Queen is mostly popular because of the large fixed jackpot – 15,000 coins. The jackpot is awarded when five Pyramid symbols appear on a single payline. The appearance of the Mayan Queen will double the payout and make the total 30,000 coins. There’s a second fixed jackpot, as well, and its size is 2,500 coins.

The randomly triggered progressive jackpot is another unique and exciting Mayan Queen feature. It can be won during any spin, regardless of the bet size. Players with bigger wagers have a much better chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Mayan Queen Biggest Advantages

The game has some unique and really positive features:

  • High fixed jackpot
  • Randomly triggered progressive jackpot
  • Expanding wild symbol
  • Wild symbol substitutes scatter symbol

A Few Shortcomings

For a 100 percent objective review, we’ve also included a few key shortcomings:

  • Fixed number of coins per payline
  • No bonus game on the second screen

Iron Man

Iron Man Slot Game

Playtech brings the Marvel superhero Iron Man alive through this online slot game. This game is based on the famous movie, and starts with Iron Man in his armor. The reel symbols are all based on the Iron Man legend while Tony Stark is Iron Man’s alter ego.

Game symbols

The symbols of the game include the Stark Enterprises silver suitcase, the Plane and the high value cards from nine to Ace. All of them have been elegantly crafted with Tony Stark’s image in mind.

While Iron Man’s Logo is the scatter symbol. there are two Iron Man symbols exhibiting great animation. One has Iron Man hurling a laser beam wherein a flash of light covers the entire symbol for a second. The other has Iron Man flying amidst clouds over a city.

The best piece of animation of the game is when Iron Man expands across the reel. This is when a cloud of orange smoke covers all existing symbols.  Iron Man then zooms vertically upwards at top speed when the smoke clears.

Coin denominations

Iron man offers a wide variety of coin denominations to choose from ranging from 0.01 to 5.00, altogether with 8 stops. While the game offers 20 paylines, players can bet a maximum of 10 coins per payline. The slot game however does not display the number of coins; it only displays the line bet.

The Auto Play feature can be set for a maximum of 99 auto spins while the Bet Max button automatically selects 20 paylines and 10 coins per line of the chosen coin denomination.

Scatter symbol

Iron Man’s logo is the scatter symbol which offers scatter payouts if three of them appear anywhere on the reels. These symbols also trigger the Missile Attack Bonus game, a bonus game on the second screen with a free spins bonus round.

The aim of the bonus round is to shoot down the missiles and starts with Iron man chasing a plane. It is this plane which releases missiles directed to a city and you have to click all missiles, one at a time.

When the missiles explode, they each reveal a bonus credit, a multiplier or some free spins. All of them are separately added and the determined number of free spins is played out at the determined multiplier and can be repeatedly re-triggered.

Some paylines display the Flying Iron Man symbol which pays out fixed jackpots like the Laser Iron Man symbol. While five like symbols offer a jackpot of 5000 coins, five mixed symbols offer a jackpot of 1000 coins. In fact, two symbols which appear from left to right also offer payouts.

It is only if the Iron Man symbols appear stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4, that they are converted to expanding wilds. The symbol however does not act as wild symbols in other conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Unlike other slots games, this Iron Man game from Playtech offers jackpot payouts even with mixed symbols. For added entertainment and thrill, the game offers a Missile Attack Bonus round. The amazing Iron Man graphics poses a third advantage of this game.

The main disadvantage of this game is the absence of any wild symbols in normal circumstances, and another, the absence of progressive jackpots.

Savannah Sunrise

Savannah Sunrise Slot Game

Aficionados of video slots will find Savannah Sunrise a pleasant surprise from the standard video slot games. Savannah Sunrise, a game developed by Cryptologic, has no paylines to speak of, in contrast with other video slot games. Instead, rollers play with a unique payout structure with 38 possible wining sets, thus, providing players with more chances of winning on a simpler format. Even newbie players will find the video slot game easy to understand and to play, hence, allowing casinos that offer it the opportunity to lure more rollers into their fold.

Power Behind the Game

Cryptologic software is considered one of the oldest established applications in the online gaming industry – and its excellent graphics, responsiveness, and ease of navigation are a testament to its outstanding reputation in the industry. The Savannah Sunrise video slot game benefits in so many ways from its Cryptologic software from its smooth operations with glitches appearing only rarely to its vibrant sights and sounds (i.e., animation).

The software is also designed to allow new rollers to dive right into the game. The rules are easier to understand than the standard slot games, thanks to the innovative 234 Ways format wherein regular playlines are replaced by winning sets.

The video slot game is offered in sites like InterCasino with a $225 bonus and the VIP Casino with a $200 bonus. Players from the United States are not allowed to open InterCasino accounts.

Graphics and Sounds

Launched in July 2009, the theme for Savannah Surprise is an African safari in the savannah. The symbols used then evoke the thrills of an African savannah safari, such as the Lion (wild symbol), the Tree (scatter symbol), and the Monkey, among others. The soundtrack is just as evocative of the safari so much so that it is easy to lose yourself in the experience.

Available Betting Options

Players of Savannah Sunrise have a wide range of betting options to choose from with the most notable features being:

• Coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $40

• Betting possibilities from $0.25 to $500

• Maximum bet is 20 coins, which must be wagered to qualify for winning the jackpot

First-time rollers are well-advised to bet money that they can afford to lose for their first few bets in order to get a good handle of the game.

Range of Jackpot and Bonuses

Savannah Sunrise has 5 reels but do not have the standard paylines in other Cryptologic games. Instead, players will win when any three matching symbols appear on consecutive reels beginning from the left side of the reels. Such combinations mean that the players have the equivalent of 243 paylines without actually having paylines.

The jackpot and bonus for Savannah Surprise can be summed up as follows:

• Get 20 free spins when 3 or more Tree symbols appears on consecutive reels beginning from the left side

• During the free spins, the Lion symbol acts as the multiplier. If the Lion appears on reel 2, the multiplier effect is 2; on reel 4, the win is multiplied by 5; and on reels 2 and 4, the multiplier effect is 15. Thus, a player who won the 500-coin big jackpot can earn up to 75,000 coins.

Obviously, players should look out for the Lion symbol as its appearance can multiply winnings from 2 to 15.

What’s Hot And What’s Not

Savannah Sunrise has the following things going for it:

• Satisfactory betting range for both low and high rollers

• Exciting yet easy to understand new game format

• High chances for hitting the jackpot and bonuses

But the game provides for no progressive jackpot, a must for high rollers. This is still a must-play game, nonetheless.

Wealth Spa

Wealth Spa Slot Game

The Wealth Spa Slot Game is a game with a difference and with some rather interesting and fun variations to satisfy both low rollers and high rollers alike. The game is designed to be like a spa facility and so it follows that the symbols will be in keeping with that theme. Therefore, symbols include the reception area, a bath tub, massage, swimming pool and a sauna. What becomes immediately noticeable is the fact that the symbols are really well designed and they even boast fantastic animation as well.

The reception symbol, for example, depicts a rather rotund woman and her pooch. The bath symbol is another fun animation. Here we see a woman sipping on a glass of champagne while she relaxes in the bath and engages in a conversation on her mobile phone. The Wild symbol is the Wealth Spa logo and the Scatter symbol is, rather appropriately, a gold card. As might be expected, the background music in this game is also in keeping with the spa them since is is both relaxing and pleasant.

This particular online casino slot game does not boast a progressive jackpot, which is obviously a drawback for some slot players. However, despite the lack of a progressive jackpot, Wealth Spa has much to recommend it, not least of all the rather impressive fixed jackpots that are available. When the Wild symbol, the Wealth Spa logo, turns up on the reels, players can win a maximum of 5,000 coins. The Bath symbol pays somewhat less – 2,000 coins. What cannot be denied, however, is the fact that Wealth Spa also provides a rather unique set of Bonus rounds for players to enjoy and to help secure bigger payouts. With twenty paylines available and three coin denominations, Wealth Spa is a great game even for low rollers.

The manner in which the Bonus rounds are triggered is somewhat unique to the Wealth Spa video slot game in that they are triggered by the number of tokens a player has collected and then exchanged. Each time the player spins the reels, they collect tokens. These can then be exchanged for one of no fewer than five available Bonus rounds. Tokens are shown on the fifth reel and, if they turn up on the top or the bottom rows, the double payouts. There is a limit on the number of tokens that can be collected however, as players may only accumulate five of them before they must be exchanged for one of the Bonus rounds.

As mentioned above, there are five Bonus rounds available, namely the Smoothie, Hot Stones, Body Wax, Bath Oil, and the Massage Bonus rounds. The Smoothie Bonus round will cost the player only one token. They player has to choose four fruits in order to make a smoothie. They are awarded bonus credits depending upon the choices they made. The Hot Stones Bonus round costs two tokens. Here, the player is presented with five stones. They must then select two to reveal their surprise payout multiplier. The Body Wax Bonus round is available for three tokens. This is quite a fun Bonus round because the player has to remove plasters from others at the spa. The payout they receive is dependent upon the screams of pain they can solicit when removing the plasters.

Four tokens will buy the Bath Oil Bonus round and for five tokens, the player can access the best of the five Bonus rounds, the Massage Bonus. In this Bonus round, the player can collect free spins which they can then play. In the Free Spins round the player can win a maximum payout of 200,000 coins.

Although Wealth Spa does not have a progressive jackpot, which many slot players look for, the great fixed jackpots, the five Bonus games, the interesting and fun game play, and the great graphics and animations more than make up for it.

Psychedelic Sixties

Psychedelic Sixties Slot Game

The ‘60s were a time when the hippies enjoyed prominence and the Psychedelic Sixties brings it back for the modern generations to know – or at least, become acquainted with via a video slot game. Psychedelic Sixties, a video slot game with Rival software, has a strong hippie theme from its background to its symbols, such as Biker, Power Flower, Smiley face, Lava Lamp, Hippie Man and Hippie Woman. The game has three special symbols that can make or break winning combinations, namely, Bus (bonus symbol), Motorcycle (scatter symbol), and Heart (wild symbol).

Software Used

Rival, the maker of the software used for Psychedelic Sixties, has been used in several other video slot games so its quality of performance (i.e., reliability, responsiveness, and user-friendly navigation) is well known in the industry. Psychedelic Sixties then offer several software-related benefits for players, such as enabling sound and screen options, adjusting game speed, and quick responses to commands.

But it has a few drawbacks, too, including the inclusion of the game, background and win sounds in a single package and the availability of the Auto Play option for real money players only. Fortunately, these drawbacks are minor in comparison with the benefits including large fixed jackpots and bonus round with multipliers.

Animation Quality

The ‘60s hippie culture was characterized by a laidback attitude and the graphics of Psychedelic Sixties reflect it. Soft pastel colors are used for the backdrop while the main symbols are drawn in an excellent caricature style. Even the introductory animated video clip has a laidback quality that encourage watching it over and over again except that the purpose of the game is to play it, not ogle it.

The music for the game is excellent! This is not surprising as ‘60s music was one of the best in music history.

Betting Options

High rollers beware! You will probably dislike the range of coin denominations available, namely, 0.01, 0.05 and 0.10 – truly, a handicap for Psychedelic Sixties. But if you are a low roller, then the game should suffice for your betting needs.

Players can bet up to 10 coins for every payline with up to 20 paylines in the game. Betting options can be selected by operating the appropriate buttons located below the reels, usually a +/- sign.

Jackpots and Bonuses

The scatter and wild symbols do not offer payouts but there are benefits that make these aspects minor in nature. First, the wild symbol is a variable multiplier and, in the free spins round, becomes an expanding wild. The free spins round can result in multiplication of payouts by up to 5 times, thus, resulting to substantial winnings.

Second, the bonus game also provides players with large payouts. In the bonus round, three or more Bus symbols must appear on the reels with the player picking up various hippies along the way to get them to rock concerts in Paris, New York, London and Tuscany. The object of the game is to visit all of these cities in a single game, thus, winning more credits.

Third, the fixed jackpots are relatively large in comparison with other games. The first jackpot provides for 2,000 coins while the second jackpot equals 1,500 coins. For the first jackpot, the Power Flower symbol must appear on all reels while five of the Biker symbols must appear for the second jackpot.

What’s Hot and Not So Hot

Psychedelic Sixties is a popular video slot game for low rollers because of the following features:

• Large fixed jackpots for the Power Flower and Bus symbols although the other symbols have substantially less prizes in coins

• Bonus feature

• Wild symbol acts as a multiplier

But the game does not offer progressive jackpots and scatter payouts, two drawbacks that high rollers will not appreciate either.

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter 4 Slot Game

1987 saw the release of the game Street Fighter and since then, it has enjoyed rising popularity with playable characters originating from all over the world, and each one representing a different fighting style. Over the years, it has evolved, and Street Fighter 2 made a debut as a slot machine. The tradition continues with Street Fighter IV from Cyrptlogic, the very same company that adapted Street Fighter II. Cryptlogic has taken great care with the franchise, ensuring that this adaptation encompasses the quality and simplicity of the original.

The game features five reels and twenty-five pay lines, honoring the series with several icons and graphics from the original arcade game. Additionally, with high-end software from Cryptlogic, the game runs smoothly and bug free, as is to be expected.

Players from all walks of life will find the game to be pleasing in terms of both aesthetics and of course, financially. By this we mean that the minimum bet is just $0.01, though those who want to put a little more skin in the game will be able to bet up to $500 per spin. The maximum bet rests at just 25 coins, however.

There are many unique symbols that complement the theme of the game, from the Yin Yang wild icon, to the Street Fighter IV logo scatter. In addition, there are several interesting animations that, while not adding value in terms of jackpot or play, make the game far more interesting to look at.

Starting the game, the player will not only choose their bet, but also their fighter character. Just as with the arcade game, there is a wide variety of different choices, ensuring you have a complete street fighter experience. If you have played the Street Fighter arcade game, then the inclusion of so many characters will mean even more to you.

Finally we come to the issue of the wild symbol, which as we mentioned before, in the Yin Yang. The symbol appears only on Reels two and four, and can replace other symbols in the interest of creating winning combinations. Keep in mind that it CANNOT replace the Street Fighter IV logo scatter symbol.

When a player manages to get five hat icons to display on a pay line, they will receive the maximum prize jackpot, which happens to be 5000 coins. Those who bet the minimum can only expect to win $50 when hitting this jackpot, but those who dare to play the maximum wager will stand to win up to $100,000, which certainly gives you an incentive to go above and beyond. There is plenty to like here whether you are a fan of the original arcade game or simply a slot player looking for the next big jackpot. Give it a try; Cryptlogic never disappoints!


What is Hot

  • Good bonus game
  • Great compliment to the original game
  • Choose your own bonus
  • Good range of betting options

Not Too Hot

  • The game features no progressive Jackpot
  • It does have a number of shortcomings, but with a good bonus game and a strong representation of the original console based fighting game, you will find that you not only have fun, you will come back again and again to take your fight to the streets.

Retro Reels

Retro Reels Slot Game

Retro in design but modern in concept – this is the brilliant idea behind Retro Reels, a Microgaming video slot game that combines the feel of the classic three-slot games with the look of the modern five-slot games popular in online casinos. Many aspects of the slot game are designed like the classic slot game, such as the 3D panels for the controls, the fruit symbols (e.g., Plum, Cherry, and Lemon), and the bold and bright colors with the addition of other symbols, such as the single, double and triple Bars.

Software Used

Microgaming software is one of the leading applications used in the online gaming industry for good reasons. Players find the game to have quick response times to user commands and with little to no incidence for freezes (i.e., the game stops while reloading), aside from the following customization options:

• Sound adjustments including disabling and enabling for background, game and win sounds

• Balance provided in either coins or credits

• Game speed adjustments using the Quick Spin feature

• Expert Mode for faster selection of betting options

• Standard Auto Play

New players are well advised to read the rules about Respin. In other instances, players will find that Retro Reels is easy to play especially with the in-lay instructions and messages.

Animation Quality

The retro inspiration for Retro Reels has been put into excellent use. All of the symbols as well as the background have excellent thematic values while the overall layout makes it a joy to play for hours on end. The graphics are done in vivid colors with good attention to detail.

The downside: There is a notable absence of animation for the symbols during winning combinations. Perhaps the designers can make the animation more animated to encourage modern-day players to come and enjoy the game.

Betting Options

The range of coin denominations is 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.25 so the maximum total bet for every spin is $100.00 – truly, a range that high rollers will find attractive. Players can bet up to 20 coins in each payline, of which there are 20 total paylines.

With this range, players have the benefit of a maximum line bet of 20 coins while the maximum total bet amounts to 400 coins. When converted to credits, 20 coins equal 5.00 and 200 coins equal 100.00.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Retro Reel has satisfactory jackpots and bonuses, which can be summarized as follows:

• Two or more scatter (Free Spins logo) symbols trigger scatter payouts, which come in two forms. First, the free spins are activated with a maximum of 25 free spins. Second, the coins payout is provided with the maximum payout set at 100 for five scatter symbols.

All payouts during the free spins can be doubled. The lucky player will be awarded 100,000 credits as jackpot payout during the free spin rounds.

• Respin feature allows a player to re-spin any of the reels but with an extra cost, which means an increased chance for winning the jackpot. Look at the re-spin costs displayed as credits below each of the reel with each cost being variable (i.e., depends on the probability of payouts in case the reel is re-spun).

The maximum jackpot prize of 100,000 credits is one of the highest in the industry.

What’s Hot and Not So Hot

Retro Reels has the following hot features:

• Respin feature

• Free spins

• Large betting range

• High jackpot

Modern-day players will find certain drawbacks to the game, such as the absence of a wild symbol to substitute for the other symbols in forming winning combinations and the absence of animation on the reels. Overall, nonetheless, Retro Reels will make for a good time at the slots.