Savannah Sunrise

Aficionados of video slots will find Savannah Sunrise a pleasant surprise from the standard video slot games. Savannah Sunrise, a game developed by Cryptologic, has no paylines to speak of, in contrast with other video slot games. Instead, rollers play with a unique payout structure with 38 possible wining sets, thus, providing players with more chances of winning on a simpler format. Even newbie players will find the video slot game easy to understand and to play, hence, allowing casinos that offer it the opportunity to lure more rollers into their fold.

Power Behind the Game

Cryptologic software is considered one of the oldest established applications in the online gaming industry – and its excellent graphics, responsiveness, and ease of navigation are a testament to its outstanding reputation in the industry. The Savannah Sunrise video slot game benefits in so many ways from its Cryptologic software from its smooth operations with glitches appearing only rarely to its vibrant sights and sounds (i.e., animation).

The software is also designed to allow new rollers to dive right into the game. The rules are easier to understand than the standard slot games, thanks to the innovative 234 Ways format wherein regular playlines are replaced by winning sets.

The video slot game is offered in sites like InterCasino with a $225 bonus and the VIP Casino with a $200 bonus. Players from the United States are not allowed to open InterCasino accounts.

Graphics and Sounds

Launched in July 2009, the theme for Savannah Surprise is an African safari in the savannah. The symbols used then evoke the thrills of an African savannah safari, such as the Lion (wild symbol), the Tree (scatter symbol), and the Monkey, among others. The soundtrack is just as evocative of the safari so much so that it is easy to lose yourself in the experience.

Available Betting Options

Players of Savannah Sunrise have a wide range of betting options to choose from with the most notable features being:

• Coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $40

• Betting possibilities from $0.25 to $500

• Maximum bet is 20 coins, which must be wagered to qualify for winning the jackpot

First-time rollers are well-advised to bet money that they can afford to lose for their first few bets in order to get a good handle of the game.

Range of Jackpot and Bonuses

Savannah Sunrise has 5 reels but do not have the standard paylines in other Cryptologic games. Instead, players will win when any three matching symbols appear on consecutive reels beginning from the left side of the reels. Such combinations mean that the players have the equivalent of 243 paylines without actually having paylines.

The jackpot and bonus for Savannah Surprise can be summed up as follows:

• Get 20 free spins when 3 or more Tree symbols appears on consecutive reels beginning from the left side

• During the free spins, the Lion symbol acts as the multiplier. If the Lion appears on reel 2, the multiplier effect is 2; on reel 4, the win is multiplied by 5; and on reels 2 and 4, the multiplier effect is 15. Thus, a player who won the 500-coin big jackpot can earn up to 75,000 coins.

Obviously, players should look out for the Lion symbol as its appearance can multiply winnings from 2 to 15.

What’s Hot And What’s Not

Savannah Sunrise has the following things going for it:

• Satisfactory betting range for both low and high rollers

• Exciting yet easy to understand new game format

• High chances for hitting the jackpot and bonuses

But the game provides for no progressive jackpot, a must for high rollers. This is still a must-play game, nonetheless.