Lumber Cats

Cats and trees are always a perfect combination. Even so, the outcome is a gamble. The cat may find safety and fulfillment in a tree, but at the same time, it can also become stuck somewhere up in the high branches. If you’re a gambling person and a cat lover at the same time, why don’t you try this slot game for a change?

If all you want is the experience of winning jackpots and bonuses, then this can be your ticket to a profitable future. Canadian players are recommended to look at for more information about the best online casinos to play this game.

Hot and Not

Lumber Cats is known as a gamble game. Its bonus game appears on its second screen and it has a large fixed jackpot. Every time you get a re-pin, you get more wild symbols. Lumber Cats is a game for gamblers, especially of all you’re after is the prize.

If you want a game with elaborate effects, sounds, and animation, Lumber Cats is not for you. Its audio and animations are below average. The only pleasing animation in this game is when the trees sway with the wind and then birds suddenly fly out. It does not have a progressive jackpot.

The Features

Below are some of Lumber Cat’s features:

  1. Coin sizes. In Lumber Cats, the coin sizes available are 0.25, 0.20, 0.10, 0.05, 0.02, and 0.01. You can bet up to 10 coins for every pay line. A maximum of 20 paylines can be activated for every spin. This game enables your parameters to decrease or increase, so you don’t have to go through the cycle anymore.
  2. Tree feature. This is when the bonus game appears on its second screen. This comes up when at least three Tree symbols appear on your reels. You have to choose one cat from the given three. Then, bonus points are awarded to you based on your chosen cat’s position during the tree-climbing race. The triggering bet multiplies the bonus amount. The Log Roll feature can trigger the Tree Feature during the game.
  3. Log Roll feature. This is also known as a re-spins feature. This comes up when the log symbol appears on reels 5 and 1 at the same time, while the Lumber Cat symbol appears on reel 3. You can be awarded five re-spins. Log symbols transform into Lumber Cat wilds. When this happens, you can get huge payments.
  4. Gamble feature. This is activated voluntarily, each time you win. You get the chance to multiply your winnings. You have the opportunity to choose the right color. You win if you make the right guess. If you want to choose the right suit, you get the chance to increase your winnings, four times.
  5. Fixed jackpots. Lumber Cats give you high fixed jackpots. You get 6,000 coins and 4,000 coins in the first two jackpots. This attracts more risk takers.
  6. High quality software. Microgaming is known as the leader in online casino game design. You can be sure that Lumber Cats runs smoothly whenever you play it. You can easily disable or enable the sounds as well.
  7. User-friendly. Lumber Cats is not complicated at all. It has simple rules, which are easy to understand. Even if there are help files available, you don’t have to open them anymore.
  8. Comic theme. This slot game involves a family of lumber cats, engaged in lumbering activities. The theme shows appropriately all throughout the game—in reels, backgrounds, and symbols.
  9. High jackpots. It is true that Lumber Cats does not have progressive jackpots. Any other slot game without this feature encounters a drawback, but not Lumber Cats. There are handsome payouts in the fixed jackpots. A payout 6,000 coins is the highest fixed jackpot, you can win. If bet maximum, you can get 15,000 credits.

Play Lumber Cats and win huge prizes! This goes to show that you do not need elaborate animation and sound, just to end up with the jackpot!